Configuring WiFi with Swisscom VDSL router Motorola Centro Grande 7647-47-20SC

ImageRecently, Swisscom migrated me on a new VDSL line, which as it was claimed should have better speed. Although I cannot realize the big change with the new line, there is a big change - a new router from Swisscom which is free of charge. But with new router I got new problems: I cannot change preconfigured Wireless SSID and pre-shared key.

Both are reasonable but I would prefer to get them customized but there is no way to make it happen with all GUI tools, Swisscom gives to their customers.


In my post, I share my experience how I made my life easier but I take no responsibility for any damage you might cause to your router by following my guide.  Whether it gets bricked, blocked or eventually thrown out of the window, I can’t be held responsible.  Use this guide at your own risk. Thanks!


First of all, you need a telnet tool. You can use PuTTY, which you can download from here: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html

Configure Wireless

Run PuTTY and configure it to connect to your router as follows:

Select TelNet as connection type;

Enter your router IP;

Click “Connect”;

In the terminal window enter your router administrator account name (in my case it is admin) and hit Return key on the keyboard;

Enter your router password and hit Return key once again;

In the remote console, specify the following commands:"

Centro_grande >> configure

Centro_grande (top) >> wireless

Centro_grande (wireless) >> view

now you can see the full list of wireless configuration parameters

To change Wireless SSID do the following (assuming you are in the wireless settings as it was stated above):

Centro_grande (wireless) >> network-id

Centro_grande (wireless network-id) >> set ssid “your_ssid_name”

By the last command, you have changed the SSID name, to change the password, do the following:

Centro_grande (wireless network-id) >> privacy

Centro_grande (wireless network-id privacy) >> set pre-shared-key “your_preshared_key”

To save your changes, just type exit and confirm saving changes in the config file.

Centro_grande (wireless network-id privacy) >> exit

You need to restart your router – just type restart command in the terminal window.

Centro_grande >> restart

Configure DynDNS

Usually, sitting at home or small office, time to time we need external accessibility, which is possible to establish by using Dynamic DNS services.

you can use telnet to connect to the router and switch in configuration mode then.

Type commands as follows in order to configure your router:

set dynamic-dns option dyndns.org
set dynamic-dns ddns-host-name "DYNHOSTNAME"
set dynamic-dns ddns-user-name "USERNAME"
set dynamic-dns ddns-user-password "PASSWORD"

As soon as your router is restarted, you can check your router log and most probably you can find there information about dyndns client work.

Configure DHCP server, static lease

In most cases, we might need to have a fixed IP address in our home/small office network in order to setup NAT on the router.

In order to setup static DHCP reservation, login with the router by using telnet, switch in configuration mode and execute commands as follows:

set dhcp ip-address <TYPE YOUR FIXED IP>

    <TYPE the MAC address as system asks>

You are done!