Replacing internal disk in HP Personal Media Drive

The first question is why do I need to replace perfect 3.5 HDD in a new HP Portable Media Drive (300Gb in my case)? The answers is to use the enclosure with xb4 docking station while the storage is as maximum as possible.

The answer is not so obvious as nowadays many people just use what they bought without even thinking about even a possibility to make such things better. It is always a matter of money or interest/challenge.

In my case the reason is simple: I have an HP docking station xb4 for an HP TouchSamrt tx2 notebook and the best thing in the docking station is an ability to insert an HP Portable Media Drive (2.5) or an HP Personal Media Drive (3.5) and use one as USB disk via the HP dock connector.

At the beginning, I bought an HP Portable Media Drive replaced the 250Gb hard drive by the 500Gb one. But the portable HDD is so convenient on the go while 3.5 hard disk is mostly can be used inside of the docking station. Because today anyone can find so many external hard drives enclosures with up to 1Tb on board, which cost under 100CHF, I decided to buy an external HP Personal Media Drive as the enclosure and replace the external HDD by one with maximum capacity. In such a case I can have 1Tb external HDD which doesn't need more space on the table as it is inside of the docking station.

I have HP Personal Media Drive hd3000s, which costs me 40CHF (something like $42). Because I have several external HDD enclosures with 1Tb 3.5 HDD inside, I decided to open the enclosure om order to replace the HDD.

Credits: HP Personal Media Drive disassemble

As it is shown on the credits video, there are two long black plastic strips on each side of the drive enclosure. Pulling them off allows you to open the enclosure.

Hereby is the step by step photos:

HP Personal Media Drive side side
Picture 1 The ether side of the HP Personal Media drive has a plastic strip which covers screw fixing internal HDD and front and rear plastic panels.

Removing side strips in HP Personal Media Drive  Removing side strips in HP Personal Media Drive
Picture 2, 3 Using knife and screwdriver you can remove the side strips as it is shown on photos above.

HDD without side stripe  HDD without side stripe  HDD without side stripe
Picture 4,5,6 Hard disk without side plastic stripes.

As it is shown above, all internal structure is fixed by 8 screws, removing those you can remove front, rear plastic panels and internal hard disk:

Opened HDD  Opened HDD  Opened HDD  Opened HDD

To be continued...